Art Cement Board Moon Stone CRA2 Soft


Product specification: 1200 * 3260mm
Product features: natural texture, classic colors, fire and waterproof
Applicable scenarios: various indoor and outdoor spaces

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Construction guidance
1.Basic treatment: flat cement wall or wooden board as the base layer
2.Material processing: Cut and trim the board according to the size before installation; Grind the inner side of the external corner at a 45 ° angle.
3.Installation on the wall: Use ceramic tile mastic for cement walls, structural adhesive/marble adhesive for woodworking board walls, evenly apply to the back of the board, and install the board on the wall; Nail the board tightly with wooden blocks/strips and remove it after the glue dries.
4.Gap repair: First fill the gap with the prepared sealant, and then dilute the color paste with a small amount of water for color repair.
5.Surface maintenance: After the construction is completed, the surface is sprayed with a finishing agent to prevent contamination

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