FRP cement board Deposition rock

FRP cement board rock veneer cement pouring slab background wall exterior wall decoration bedroom living room courtyard villa

Sample size: around 200*300mm/200*200mm

The website price is the price of the sample

Please consult customer service for more details

 Product Name:Rock Veneer(Molten Rock)
Product material: FRP, cement
Product colors: black, white, gray, earth yellow
Product specification: 1300 * 3000mm
Product characteristics: Cement Class A fire resistance, resin Class B fire resistance
Applicable scenario: Indoor and outdoor wall decoration in commercial spaces, private clubs, etc           Construction guidance

Installation process:

  1. Check whether the product is damaged after arrival;
  2. Cutting: Toothless saw/ceramic tile cutting saw, cutting on the back to avoid damaging surface color, etc;
  3. Repair: First fill the gaps with repair agent, and then brush with color paste;
  4. Construction: During construction, a level gauge is used to measure the flatness of the wall, and a box ruler is used to measure the installation position. Flat cement walls can be directly pasted with structural adhesive, which can be fixed with air nails after pasting. Uneven walls can be bottomed with wooden boards, and structural adhesive can be applied to the back of the product for pasting. 
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