FRP cement board Leaky wood

FRP cement board wood grain leaking cement pouring slab background wall exterior wall decoration shop

Sample size: around 200*300mm/200*200mm

The website price is the price of the sample

Please consult customer service for more details

      specific ations
Tools: toothless saw, structural glue, FRP cement decorative plate, level, box ruler, modifier, color paste
Paving and pasting process:

1: Check whether the products are damaged after arrival;

2: cutting: toothless saw/tile cuting saw, cutting on the back, so as not to damage the surface color, etc;

3: Repair: first fill the gap withrepair agent, and then brush the color paste

4: construction:constructionlevel measurement wall flatness box ruler measurement instalation position.flat cement wallcan bedirectly structure adhesive paste, paste good and then fixed with air nails, uneven w-all with woodworking board, on the back of the product coated with structural adhesive paste can be;

5: FRP material has a certain toughness can do 45° a rc.

Note for construction:The interiorwall can not be used to do the base, because there is paper on the surface of the gypsum board, causing the paste is not firm.

A: One kilog ram for every three pieces o f pouring plate and one kilogram for every two pieces of other plate.
B Color paste: 3 meters long ga p, with half a kilogram of color paste.        

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