H series PU decorative panel feather stone

H series PU decorative panel feather stone

Product Color: 12-color customized

Product specifications: 900 * 200mm

Product characteristics: light, waterproof, flame retardant, super multi-panel, concave and convex strong

Applicable scene: commercial space, private clubs and other indoor and outdoor wall decoration


       Construction guidance

1. Construction tools: PU stone skin, structural adhesive, woodworking saw

2. Treatment of the base layer: Before construction, clean the impurities on the surface of the wall base layer to ensure that the wall is basically flat

3. Wall primer: Wooden board primer

4. Stone installation: Cut according to the design drawings, color the edges, and then apply structural adhesive on the back of the stone for paving. The paving sequence should be from top to bottom

5. Surface cleaning: Use an air gun to blow off the dust on the surface and protect the finished product

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