Ice coated board

Ice crystal plate/cloud silk plate (translucent texture series)
Style: simple and modern
Thickness: 2-4mm
Size: 1220x2440mm

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 Light and translucent texture

Thickness is only 2-4mm    Ice coated board is a new type of interior wall decoration material that is re-developed, produced, and manufactured on the basis of imitation marble ice-fire board. It has excellent toughness, insect resistance, moisture resistance, waterproofness, and fire resistance.

Using this decorative material, the decorated wall has more colorful and beautiful colors, which is very popular among consumers in the market.


1.Quality advantage: The board is made of imported raw materials, which do not

turn yellow and remain unchanged in shape;

2. Service advantage: Service advantage: less competition, good price;

3.Characteristic advantages: Compared to glass, the ice coated board has a light weight, good bending performance, moisture resistance,pressure resistance, environmental protection, paint free, formaldehyde free, easy degradation, food grade safety and environmental protection, and a wear resistance of around 300 revolutions;

4. Effect advantage: lce coated board can be curved, with high transparency, 3-5 times that of ordinary PVC. It is more aesthetically pleasing when combined with lighting and natural light


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