Outstanding!Who hasn’t owned the volcanic rock with strong light perception?


Outstanding!Who hasn’t owned the volcanic rock with strong light perception?
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When the high-grade volcanic rock meets light and shadow, the resulting image is stunningly beautiful;

The space is dominated by a retro industrial style, decorated with volcanic rock and corrugated plates, creating a most romantic coffee space;

The exterior wall is decorated with custom-made volcanic rock, which is cold and orderly, creating a cold and retro atmosphere;the copper inlay embellishment adds a bit of old-time atmosphere to the cold space;

The orderly arrangement of volcanic rock walls, under natural light, is full of fluid beauty, making the space infinitely sublime in its warm tone;

The space also uses corrugated panels for the interior walls, which break up the serious atmosphere and make the space bright and soft;

The outer shell is hard & made of volcanic rock bricks, while the interior is soft & made of a blend of materials. To find out what it’s all about, you have to go deep inside.


volcanic rock

Size: Various sizes can be customized

Features: natural pores, fireproof and moisture-proof, corrosion resistance

Installation: marble glue bonding/dry-hanging of stone/cement mortar bonding


Spatial information

Space name|LOAF coffee and light meal shop

Space area: 165 ㎡

Design agency|ATMOSPHERE Weather Architecture

Main materials for space 丨 volcanic rock, corrugated plate


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