Semi-circular plate | “Makeup room” hidden in the Bund villa


Semi-circular plate | “Makeup room” hidden in the Bund villa
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Techno-feel | Vintage | Shanghai style
The continuation of the “modern” of neoclassicism
Connect the style of the public area of the original building and the new space design in terms of spatial emotion
to balance the relationship between the new and the old, the contemporary and the historical

The original public area design is extremely harmonious with the new design
The smooth arc ceiling is a subtle sense of technology
Like the mysterious rhythm of a black hole in the universe,

The combination of materials brings the retro style of old Shanghai villas
The combination of retro materials is blended with contemporary materials, which brings out more brand characteristics in the contrast of materials
Just like the city of Shanghai, it merges the classic and the future

Project name|Shanghai Haydon Black Hole
Project type|Commercial space

Project address: Shanghai, China

Design company|Various Associates
Chief creative designer: Lin Qianyi, Yang Dongzi
Design team | Li Shiqi, Chen Ke, Qiu Liying

Completion time|2021.12

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