3D cement brick big weave

3D cement brick big weave large braid background wall decoration bedroom living room exhibition hall hotel shopping mall

The base color contains:
60T-white, 10C-grey, 30C-Grey, 20G-cement,
30G-cement, 10C-beige, 30C-beige, 60T-brown,
10T-sand, 10T-oliver, 30T-brown beige, 10T-green,
30C-blue, 10T-water blue, 10G-pink, 30G-brick

Size:160*168 mm
The website price is the price of the sample
Please consult customer service for more details



Please use good quality tile glue and structural glue
1.Before installation, please determine the installation position, mark and mea-sure the dimensions. As it is a special-shaped brick, excessive cutting should beavoided.

2.Perform wall treatment and cleaning.

3Glue, according to the manufacturer's instructions for construction.

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