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Cement art pouring board

Soft Stone Wall Decoration Flax Weave

Nonopaque Cement

K series crystal brick

DuPont Paper

3D cement brick big weave

About Us

STEPS is a young and rapidly developing team, specializing in the operation of new, creative, and building materials. We sell eye-catching creative materials to enhance any space, whether it's residential or commercial interiors. Striving a balance between expression and function, STEPS is where design meets art.

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Professional production team

High-quality product quality

Excellent service system

Factory direct

Our real-life case

Superb! Who has never owned a volcanic rock with a strong sense of light

Fall in one second, high beauty crystal bricks paired with cyberpunk style

PU Stone Skin&Designer’s Gospel


Lead the new trend of design, volcanic rock

Project name|Shanghai Haydon Black Hole

Outstanding!Who hasn’t owned the volcanic rock with strong light perception?

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